Why I’m a Single Issue Voter


March 9, 2016 by jmw

voteLike millions of Americans, I have been riding the latest, most terrifying roller coaster in America: the 2016 presidential campaign. Chockfull of scandal, conspiracy theories, pundits and polls, the race to the White House has as much drama as a Netflix original series. In the midst of the circus, I have found myself drawn to a single issue that serves as my proverbial litmus test for determining who would make the best president. Before my “big reveal,” allow me to paint a picture of the situation that has led me to my unwavering allegiance to this single issue. 

The state of American politics is not pretty and the past nine months are evidence of that. Many of the candidates running for president have been accused of various scandal and impropriety. Back in September one journalist attempted to summarize these scandals(!). As I write this, one White House contender is literally at the centre of an FBI criminal investigation.

As if the scandals themselves were not bad enough, we are also plagued by a destructive form of the blame game. Whether from the media or the politicians themselves, this contentious finger pointing shapes the basic ethos of American political discourse, a discourse that is fundamentally characterized by distrust

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One thought on “Why I’m a Single Issue Voter

  1. I completely agree. Similar sentiment led me to post C34Me: Critical Christian Characteristics. This sort of analysis put me in Carson’s and Kasich’s corners, but, of course, they can get no traction because they don’t degrade themselves for ratings.

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