Catching Up With Humanism…

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“To deny any absolute claims to the Church and argue that the role of the Christian is to stand undifferentiated in the ranks of those vitally concerned about their fellow men, is to be accused of confusing Christianity with humanism. ‘How does your behaviour differ from that of the humanist?’ the orthodox ask, as though that disposed of the issue. The answer in my case is simple. Far from there being an over-plus of goodness I as a Christian can demonstrate which is beyond the best efforts of the humanist, my problem is that I need Christ in order to enable me to catch up with the humanist, let alone outstrip him. Only by doggedly following the will of Jesus am I fit to even lick the humanist’s boots. That searching question of Jesus to His disciples, ‘What do you more than the rest?’ would be rephrased in our day to ‘Why do you not do as much as the rest?’ “

Colin Morris, Include Me Out! Confessions of an Ecclesiastical Coward, p. 55


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